Advanced Surf Fitnessfor high performance surfing


The aim of Advanced Surf Fitness for High Performance Surfing is to help you maximise your skills. This book will help you surf longer, catch more waves and take your performance to the next level using state-of-the-art surf fitness techniques.

ISBN: 978-0-9567893-9-6
Published: November 2014
Format: 216mm (w) x 216mm (h) Paperback: 208 pages
RRP: £19.99


Surf Café LivingCooking, Entertaining and Living by the Sea


Surfers Jane and Myles Lamberth are living their dream – running a bustling seaside café, creating a gorgeous home and enjoying the coastal lifestyle that goes with it. Surf Café Living is their second book, and here they once again serve up delicious, easy-to-make recipes with an emphasis on fresh, organic, seasonal produce.

ISBN: 978-0-9567893-6-5
Published: September 2014
Format: 185mm (w) x 240mm (h) Paperback: 192 pages
RRP: £17.99


The New Bodyboard Manual

Rob Barber

The Bodyboard Manual covers everything you need to know about bodyboarding from beginner to local standout. Bodyboarding is one of those sports which looks easy but learning the right way can enrich your experience taking your progression to new heights. This manual aims to help your development whether you’re a beginner or experienced bodyboarder looking […]

ISBN: 978-0-9567893-5-8
Published: August 2013
Format: 240mm x 170mm
RRP: £11.99


Born to BoogieLegends of Bodyboarding

Mike Searle

Born to Boogie: Legends of Bodyboarding tells the amazing story of how the sport of bodyboarding was created, how it developed, flourished, faltered and fought back to become one of the most exciting extreme sports in the world today. The saga is told through the tales of the sport’s legendary pioneers, personalities and champions, as […]

ISBN: 978-0-9567893-2-7
Published: May 2013
Format: 250mm x 220mm
RRP: £24.99


Surf Travel – The Complete GuideThe Planet’s 50 Most Thrilling Surf Destinations

Chris Power

Surf Travel is a new book from the publishers of Carve which covers every aspect of surf travel and exploration: where to go, where to stay, what equipment to take, how to get in shape for your trip, how to stay healthy abroad, and how to make the most of your time away. Packed with essential tips and awesome photos, Surf Travel will inspire you to pack your boardbag and head off to find the waves of your dreams.

ISBN: 978-0-9523646-9-6
Published: October 2012
Format: 215x215mm
RRP: £19.99


The Surf Café CookbookCooking and Surfing on the West Coast of Ireland

Jane Lamberth & Myles Lamberth

This book is about cooking, eating and living the Irish way. From foraging on the beach to creating the perfect brunch to making homemade Baileys, this book encourages you to make locally produced food that’s fresh, fun, unpretentious and tasty. The perfect food for sharing with friends and family, around the kitchen table or on a blanket thrown on the ground. It’s contemporary Irish cooking with a soupçon of salty air.

ISBN: 978-0-9567893-1-0
Published: July 2012
Format: 215mm x 215mm
RRP: £17.99


The Bodyboard Travel GuideWhere to Score the World’s Best Bodyboarding Waves

Rob Barber

The Bodyboard Travel Guide is written by Owen Pye with top tips from Rob Barber and ThreeSixty founder Mike Searle.The first of it’s kind…a global travel guide for bodyboarders. The guide covers the 100 best boog spots in the world in great depth and detail and has many travel tips from a selection of the […]

ISBN: 978-0-9567893-0-3
Published: December 2011
Format: 215mm x 215mm
RRP: £16.99


The Surf Girl HandbookThe Essential Guide for Surf Chicks Everywhere

Louise Searle; Foreword by Sally Fitzgibbons

The Surf Girl Handbook covers everything you need to know about surfing and takes you from total beginner through to standout ripper at your local break. Packed with priceless information, amazing photography and insider tips from the pros, the Surf Girl Handbook really is an essential reference for any surf girl. It’s like having your […]

ISBN: 978-0-9523646-1-0
Published: July 2011
Format: Paperback; 160 pages
RRP: £14.99


The Surfing TribeA History of Surfing in Great Britian

Roger Mansfield

Written by renowned surf historian Roger Mansfield, The Surfing Tribe features all the characters who made the sport what it is today, including former World Junior Champion Rod Sumpter, as well as ‘Tigger’ Newling, Pete Jones, Linda Sharp, Nigel Veitch, Tim Heyland, Nigel Semmens and Carwyn Williams. The book also charts the evolution of British […]

ISBN: 978-0-9523646-0-3
Published: June 2011
Format: Paperback; 240 pages
RRP: £22.99